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Status: Competition 1st prize 2010, realisation 2015
Location: Riga, Latvia
Program: Wilhelm Neumann building: restoration and new exhibition halls in the cupola and attic spaces. 1st floor replanned to include conference hall, cafeteria, book shop, kids education rooms and museum administration offices. New extension – 3 exhibition halls, artwork storages, restoration workshops, supporting and technical premises
Space: 8 250 m²; public space 2 500 m²
Architects: Processoffice: Vytautas Biekša, Rokas Kilčiauskas, Marius Kanevičius, Giedrius Špogis, Ježi Stankevič, Austė Kuliešiūtė, Miglė Nainytė, Giedrė Datenytė, Mantas Petraitis, Sandra Dumčiūtė, Povilas Marozas, Sandra Šlepikaitė;

Considering unique architecture of the building, its importance of representation and significant contribution to the cultural heritage the proposed extension strategy is based on:

  • preservation of the existing building capacity and authentic details;
  • clearly expressed modern volume and subtle minimal design of the additional spaces needed for renewal and extension of museum functions;
  • redesign of the functional strategy of the existing building, that would allow more efficient use of the existing building and ergonomic integration of the extension.

Following these aspects we offer functionally and aesthetically balanced project of the reconstruction and extension of the building of the Latvian National Museum of Art, preserving the building as historical urban landmark and giving to it modern functionality.